Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon extract supports the action of insulin and improves the sensitivity of tissues and cells to it. Data from clinical trials show that in the form of an extract, cinnamon lowers fasting blood sugar levels by 10 to 29%. Significantly improves glucose uptake by cells and reduces the risk of complications due to diabetes, including cardiovascular disease, peripheral neuropathy and others.


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Improves digestion and speeds up metabolism. It is rich in fiber.
An effective means of combating excess weight by facilitating fat metabolism.
Powerful immunostimulator.
It has a strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect and a slight warming effect, which is why it is an active element in preventing colds and flu.
Reduces blood sugar levels. Normalizes bad cholesterol levels.
Helps lower high blood pressure and headaches.
Suitable for diabetics and people prone to diabetes, as it controls insulin production.
Relieves joint pain because it contains manganese, which is important for bone strength.

One capsule provides:
Ceylon Cinnamon - 450 mg


How to use:

As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily (1 morning, 1 evening) or as prescribed by a doctor.


Known contraindications:

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake!
The product is a food supplement, not a medicine!
Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet!
It is recommended to consult a specialist if you have known chronic diseases during breastfeeding and pregnancy.

* 100% active ingredients
* Gluten free
* Lactose free
* No added sugar, salt, yeast
* No preservatives or artificial colors
* Not tested on animals

Part of the sale of each Naturalika product contributes to environmental and children's charities.

Made in Bulgaria!

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